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How To Make Money From Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Most of the companies which deliver the strips to you might send you an extra box every time a delivery is made. Extra strips are usually supplied to make sure that you have enough supplies with you. At times you might be receiving the strips even when you are done. The excess strips could be due to change of testing meters. This is majorly done because the doctor advised you to do so. People who have been taking the tests for a longer time have more strips.

Even though many people might not know this, unused diabetic strips can make you some money. Within the area you live, you will be able to find a lot of willing buyers. Keeping extra strips is a useless thing to do. You should not throw away excess strips if you can sell them. Some people might think that selling unused diabetic strips in not legal but the truth is that it is legal. When you start looking for a buyer to buy the strips you will come across so many people who claim to be good buyers. Some people will take the strips from the sellers and fail to pay the price. Do not be a victim for such people.

The best way to sell your strips is through online. Before you start talking business know the worth of your strips. Each buyer provides his rates and you should use their calculator when establishing the value. This will help you know how much money you should expect at the end of the day. The next thing to do will be filling the registration form which is provided on the website. You should never forget stating your preferred method of pay method. The buyer will send an email with the shipping label that you should use. If not they will send a mailing kit with a box and label.

The shipping charges are usually paid by the buyers before shipping is done. When you put all the boxes in the shipping box does not forget to label them. After packing and labeling the next step will be dropping the box in the post office or giving it to a carrier. Deliveries usually take two to seven days. You will only receive your money after delivery has been made. This is important because the buyer has to ensure that the strips you have sent have not expired already. If the dates are okay you money will be sent. In most cases payments are done through PayPal. Some people will also receive a check which is processed within three days.

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